Simple Tips To Help You Get The Best Gas Mileage

Simple Tips To Help You Get The Best Gas Mileage

Angela Markus

Although consumers have been reaping the benefits of low oil prices, fuel economy is extremely important.

While gas goes down, other consumer products are going up, so it is important to save money. We save because we can’t predict the future.

Here are some super helpful gas mileage tips to keep your hard earned money where it belongs.

You can drive slower. Unfortunately, your gas economy worsens when you speed past 55 miles per hour. Or you can keep your RPMs low. Pay attention to your tachometer, keeping it below 3,000 RPM. Changing your oil regularly will help keep your engine cleaner and offer your better gas mileage.

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Another tip is to prevent idling as much as possible. If you are waiting for someone to get into your car, shut off your engine. Although this might be hard, try not to tailgate other drivers. It is both safe and cost effective to maintain a safe distance behind the car in front of you. Your drive will be smoother and, therefore, deliver better gas mileage.

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If it’s hot outside, use your A/C. When you roll your windows down, you increase drag in your car at high speeds. It is best to use the A/C on the highway and let the windows down in stop-and-go situations. Tires also affect your gas mileage, so be sure your tires are properly inflated.

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Take advantage of cruise control. Why? Cruise control reduces your need to accelerate or decelerate constantly, you can optimize your mileage on a set speed. Maintaining your car is important, so be sure to change your air filters. Waiting longer to change your air filters will cause your engine to go into overdrive and burn excess gas.

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Let us know if these tips help you out!

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