95-Year-Old Invents Best Screwdriver Ever

95-Year-Old Invents Best Screwdriver Ever

Angela Markus

Who says the mind ages? If you think it does, Bernard Jacovitz would prove you wrong. The 95-year old recently received his third patent; JacLock® screw and locking system. Having worked in the construction industry for most of his life, his experience has lead him to create a spin on a product that is 500 years old.

There are many different types of screwdrivers. There is the regular screwdriver, the Philips screwdriver, the Clutch head, Hex, or even Bristol. Mr. Jacovitz has invented something very innovative.

The video shows Bernard using a saw to create the markings of his genius screw which works alongside the JacLock® screwdriver. The new screw head is quite different from the normal horizontal cut screw heads, or the cross cut screw heads. Mr. Jacovitz’s invention uses a standard vertical cut in the screw head along with two cross cuts in the head of the screw. He transformed the screwdriver’s head to perfectly fit into the cuts in the new screw. Once the screwdriver is inserted into the screw head it will lock in place making it easier to insert or remove the screw.

In the video, Mr. Jacovitz explains how he saw many carpenters injure themselves when the screwdriver slipped off the head of the screw. With safety always staying in the back of his mind, in retirement, he thought it would be great to invent the JacLock® screw and screwdriver.

The most amazing aspect of the invention is the age of the inventor. His words, “once the mind is working, the body is healthy.” Mr. Jacovitz confessed that he is heavily inspired by his wife of 70 years. “She is much smarter than me,” he says. Bernard has plans to develop a 3D version of his invention, so he can begin shipping to the big-box stores.

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