Woman Performs A Ventriloquist Act Using An Audience Member

Woman Performs A Ventriloquist Act Using An Audience Member

Angela Markus

Many believe that ventriloquism isn’t as fascinating as it used to be. Children are not as fascinated by the art. Most adults might find it funny, but that is only if the performer is really good. Have you ever heard of Nina Conti? If you haven’t, she is a master at her craft, and hilarious on every level.

Daughter of actors Tom Conti and Kara Wilson, Nina Conti knew she was destined for a different path. With the dummies acting as her voice, she veers into disturbing territory, examining past affairs and heartbreak. But her dark, soul-searching humor has brought her wide acclaim. She transforms the way we look at those creepy puppets.

Conti has a pretty amazing act using a combination of ventriloquism and comedy, but rather than using puppets, she uses real people! You will not be able to stop laughing right along with her when she pulls an audience member named Luke up onstage to demonstrate her talent. The student was definitely unaware of what he was in for. Placing a device on his face, she transformed the man into her own personal dummy. When he starts to dance, you will understand why she is the absolute best!

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