Lifelong Friends Build A Tiny House Community Outside Austin, Called The “Llano Exit Strategy”

Lifelong Friends Build A Tiny House Community Outside Austin, Called The “Llano Exit Strategy”

Patrick Dangermond

Everyone out there has a best friend. Someone you want to spend all of your time with. Someone who understand you. Wouldn’t it be nice to live right next door to that person? Four Texas couples made this dream a reality in what they are calling, “Bestie Row”.

These couples have been best friends for over 20 years and decided that they weren’t going to let anything separate them. Inspired by the Tiny Home movement, they built a row of small functional homes!

The couples got landed just outside of Austin, Texas, along the Llano river. 


Originally they were going to build one large house, but they decided to build four smaller ones so they could have personal space. 


Along with the tiny homes, they built a 1,500 foot community building complete with a dining space, kitchen and guest areas!


Each of the houses come out to about 400 square feet and cost about $40,000 to build. 


The community was dubbed the “Llano Exit Strategy.”


The buildings were designed to withstand all weather and are environmentally friendly. 


The house were built using galvanized steel siding and spray foam insulation to help them stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 


The interiors of the homes are a rustic complement to the local area but also feature a modern flair. 



It’s pretty amazing how much space you can have in 400 square feet if you plan properly!


Would you live in a community like this with your friends? I know I would!


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