Their Car Was Completely Destroyed in a Fire. The Only Salvaged Item? Their Bible.

Their Car Was Completely Destroyed in a Fire. The Only Salvaged Item? Their Bible.

Angela Markus

Drivers have many things to be cautious about while on the road. Mechanical issues have plagued many of us, but for this one couple in Mobile, Alabama, they were about to experience their worst day yet. However, with every bad, looms something good.

For Timothy Collier and his wife, someone was definitely looking down, protecting them on that day when they were driving down the Pleasant Valley Road in Mobile, Alabama. After being alerted by a stranger driving by, Timothy did not pay much attention. Noticing that Timothy did not take heed, the persistent stranger turned around and alerted Timothy again. “Your car is on fire!” Not understanding what the stranger was talking about, Timothy had to be alerted a third time before he became alert.

Luckily, Timothy and wife came out of the car just before the horror. Right after pulling over, Timothy’s SUV went up in flames.

The flames were under Timothy’s car so he was not aware of the danger while he was driving. Timothy told the local news, “We got out right in time.”

Fire and rescue were called to quickly work on the car because of the power lines above the vehicle. As you watch the video, you will see that nothing was left of the Collier’s car. The inside was completely destroyed. The car was unrecognizable.

Miraculously, the only item saved in the fire was the couple’s bible. Intact, the couple shows the local news the only salvaged item. Unfortunately for the couple, the burnt vehicle was their only vehicle. But I have a feeling they’re going to be alright…

Fascinating, isn’t it?
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