Big Brother Cheers On His Little Sister When She Walks For The First Time!

Big Brother Cheers On His Little Sister When She Walks For The First Time!

Erika Carter

There is nothing more exciting and thrilling then seeing your baby walk for the first time. It’s a moment in a parent’s life that is etched both in their minds and hearts forever. Some parents are lucky enough to catch this moment in pictures and even video!

For one couple, when their baby girl walked for the first time it was made even more memorable by their adorable loving son Elijah. As she teetered on her feet, Elijah offered words of encouragement to his baby sister as she stood and walked for the first time! How adorable!

I gushed over this video — it is so moving and touching to see your children be so loving to each other. The little girl in the video begins her big step by pulling herself up by the handles of a little bike her brother is sitting on and big brother is there to help her grab on and steady herself.

He takes her small hands and places them onto the handles to ensure she is holding on, little sister then walks forward pushing her brother on the bike backwards while holding onto the handles.

While she’s walking, big brother Elijah says “Good job sister!” and “You’re doing great sister!” and “Sister, there is nothing to worry about!” how sweet Elijah! She does eventually fall down and Elijah says ever so cutely “Crash!” Such comical children, the parents will remember this moment forever. I see one very protective older brother in the works!

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