Big Sister Meets Baby Brother For The First Time and Cuteness Ensues

Big Sister Meets Baby Brother For The First Time and Cuteness Ensues

Jamaica Bravo

Parents usually say that with experience under their belt, the second child is so much easier than the first. But one thing that isn’t often discussed is the natural anxiety that comes with introducing the new baby to your former only-child.

Though your first-born might be the sweetest little one on the face of the earth, they have been accustomed to getting all of your undivided attention for their entire short lives. Doctors are usually great at providing different useful tips for how to set up a successful meeting between your first child and the newest addition to your family, but even if you have prepared your little one with excitement for their new sibling’s arrival, you may still find it a bit nerve-racking.

That’s exactly how this mom feels in the video below when she introduces her little girl to her newborn baby brother, Jack. But mom’s apprehension, is luckily completely unfounded, for her daughter displays the utmost maturity despite her young age and welcomes her sibling with open arms.

Though the little girl is still only a toddler herself, she appears completely fascinated and overjoyed to be a big sister. It is so precious the way she pets her little brother’s hair ever so delicately and calls him “baby!” over and over again with enthusiasm. It’s clear from the start, as they stare lovingly into each others’ eyes, that these two have a deep bond.

You have to see this big sister giggle and kiss little Jack’s head, then hug him close to herself, while listening to his soft breath in her ear. It is so adorable, it will melt your heart.

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