Big Tortoise Lets Himself Into The House Like He Owns The Place

Big Tortoise Lets Himself Into The House Like He Owns The Place

Erika Carter

Whoever said tortoises are painstakingly slow obviously never met a tortoise like this one.

After his owner went inside, an adorable little tortoise decided that he, too, wanted to be inside the house. Though he was supposed to be outside hanging out and sunning his shell, this little guy thought, “thanks, but no thanks,” and decided to scurry away from the sunlight.

Once Dad saw what he was up to, he did what every logical person in that situation- grab his camera and capture this hilarious moment on film. I’m sure most of us watching would assume that the cute tortoise would simply tap his nose against the glass a few times, grow impatient, and either slowly- very slowly– walk away or tire out and fall asleep by the door. But this guy is no ordinary tortoise.

Instead, the crafty little guy somehow manages to wedge his nose between the wall and the door and, well, start pushing his way in. Color me surprised when within just a few seconds, the tortoise managed to successfully slide the door open wide enough for him to walk through! It must have been seriously hot outside for him to put that much dedication into make it inside… or he just really wanted a snack and a cuddle.

Both are worth the effort. How cute is this?

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