Biggest Great White Shark Ever Caught On Camera Swims Next To Divers

Biggest Great White Shark Ever Caught On Camera Swims Next To Divers

Angela Markus

The depths of the ocean is a treasure trove of fascinating and frightening. The creatures that live where few people venture would baffle our imagination.

As if I needed another reason to be terrified of Jaws, recently released raw footage of one of the biggest sharks ever filmed has surfaced. No matter the size, sharks are very scary creatures. Recorded in 2013 by a shark expert, the ghastly video was recently published online and is sure to leave you in awe.

Gracefully swimming pass divers, the 20-foot long great white was found off Mexico’s Guadalupe Island by Mauricio Hoyos Padilla. Deep Blue, as she is aptly named, is actually pregnant. To understand the colossal size of the enormous apex predator, watch the miniscule but courageous researcher standing on a steel cage as she passes dangerously close to him. He is but one fraction of the size of the great white but fearlessly adorns the captivating creature. If only I had such grit.

The lady shark movements are almost sensational, graciously moving around the metal cages. NBC notes that female sharks are usually bigger than males and they’re rarely seen out in the wild in this fashion. I get the feeling that Deep Blue would have absolutely no problem tearing those metal cages and the courageous diver apart.

So beautiful to watch, yet so grim to grasp. What do you think of Deep Blue?

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