Nicole Frýbortová Stuns Judges at EMS Cup

Nicole Frýbortová Stuns Judges at EMS Cup

Angela Markus

And you thought riding no hands was so cool? After seeing Nicole, you might have to change that perception. Self-control on the bicycle is what it’s all about for this girl named Nicole Frýbortová. She is an artistic cyclist, and her skills are unrivaled. Being one with the bike allows her to showcase her amazing talent, it should be of no surprise that she has gone viral.

If you can’t believe her skills, you are good company. Backwards one handed wheelie to no handed wheelie, and when she turns her bike into backwards unicycle is just inconceivable to me. All while pedaling with one foot… You’ve got to be kidding me!

Nicole Frýbortová began devoting her life at the young age of seven. She vowed to enhance her artistic cycling skill to a level that is unmatched. Through exercises in Sokol Brno Řečkovice, she now competes in competitions worldwide.

Now 21, she represents the country of Slovakia and is presently preparing for nomination races and World Championships later this year. She has a dream on reaching the figure cycling elite- and we have a feeling she’s well on her way!

Without question, her years of dedication and training shine with her jaw-dropping stunts and acrobatics on the bike. Competing since 2007, she has several East European championships under her belt.

Transitioning from one stunt to another is graceful. My favorite is when she twirls like a figure skater.


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