Biker Comes Face to Face With a Mountain Lion and Gets It ALL on Film!

Biker Comes Face to Face With a Mountain Lion and Gets It ALL on Film!

Angela Markus

Veteran campers, hikers, and bikers know the drill, especially those in areas where mountain lions roam. The California Department of Fish and Game has the best advice for many of us who could possibly come across a big cat while communing with nature—do not run! What happens is, running might instigate a mountain lion’s instinct to chase. Instead, stand and face the animal. That is exactly what this biker did when he stumbled upon a mountain lion during his bike ride.

From the description of the clip, Chris was on a summer mountain biking adventure in Fernie, BC, when he noticed an unlikely stalker in his presence. At the beginning of his video clip, it is hard to determine where the cat is as he perfectly camouflages in the bushes.

Chris is undoubtedly aware of the cougar’s whereabouts and remains remarkably calm. The solitary and stealthy creature slowly walks up to Chris in the most frightening way. When he gets close enough, Chris backs up to a safer place and talks to the cat. “I am much bigger than you!”

He bravely holds his own and deflects the mountain lion until the threatening cat walks away. Chris handled himself beautifully. Not sure how I would have stayed that calm.

What about you?

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