Silly Bird Takes A Shower In The Kitchen Sink

Bird Bath

Silly Bird Takes A Shower In The Kitchen Sink

Erika Carter

What do you do when you are ready to get in to the shower? Test the water? Dip a finger or toe in? Adjust the faucet to get the perfect temperature? Miss Iris does the exact same thing … but Miss Iris is a Hyacinth Macaw.

Miss Iris, with her adorable blue and yellow feathers, typically takes baths outdoors. She lives near Los Angeles, California, so usually an outside shower is an absolute delight. However, on one uncharacteristically cold day, her owners decided to let her bring her beauty routine indoors — into the kitchen! What she does next leaves no doubt that Miss Iris is an absolute diva.

To us, it looks like a kitchen sink but to Miss Diva, it looks like a luxurious, high-end spa — although one that could have a little better service! She uses her beak to turn on the faucet, then gingerly tests the water with her toes. Content with the water temperature, she dips her head under the faucet. At this point, her loyal human servants step up, adjusting the faucet.

Miss Iris gives it another try. She tests a few more times with her beak and head, and her human adjusts the water pressure. Then, Miss Iris takes matters into her own hands — increasing the water pressure and changing the water temperature. Having adjusted it to her satisfaction, she puts her wings and head under the water. Throughout the process, she continues making minor adjustments — unwilling to settle for anything other than exactly what she wants.

Her humans insist on trying to turn the water pressure down, but Miss Iris won’t have any of it — correcting any action they take. This bird will not settle for anything other than exactly what she wants.

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