Bird Mourning Death of Friend Will Break Your Heart

Bird Mourning Death of Friend Will Break Your Heart

Angela Markus

The bond of friendship is unlike any other. The one time that bond is most noticeable is when the other component of the friendship passes away. Be it human or other species, no one wants to lose a friend. The moment of the final interaction is too much for anyone or thing to bare. In this sad video, a little bird does not want its friend to leave.

The video starts out with a dead Budgerigar on a paper towel. The owner then decides to wrap the bird up, but not before a fight from his friend ensues. The dead budgie’s friend lingers nearby without leaving its side. Aware that she has lost her friend and that this human is trying to take it away. The bird pushes its head inside of the rolled paper towel as well as picks on the hand of the person trying to take the bird away.

I have actually witnessed this type mourning behavior in a squirrel before, but I have never seen anything like this with this species. The video ends with the death being too much for the bird to deal with. The quiet chirps reveal just how sorrowful bird is feeling.

This is breaking our hearts… 

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