Watch This Man Help Give Birth To A Dead Shark!

Dead Shark Gives Birth

Watch This Man Help Give Birth To A Dead Shark!

Ashley Rego

When a group of beach-goers stumbled upon a lifeless shark washed ashore amidst the crashing waves, they were immediately captivated by its majestic demeanor.

Although the creature was dead, they noticed some sign of life, mustering deep inside the shark’s belly. That’s right, the beautiful animal was still carrying babies as it lay deceased on the sandy shore.

Knowing he can’t just leave the babies trapped inside their mother’s stomach to die, he takes out his knife and begins to slice into the shark’s abdominal¬†in one incredible act of bravery.

After a few gruesome cuts (I’d recommend turning away if you have a weak stomach), bystanders quickly realize the shark was not only pregnant with one, but THREE tiny sharks!

Watch as he sets the newborns back into the wild in this amazing footage. SHARE the love and pass it on!