Blackout NYC Covers Adele’s “Hello” A Capella and It’ll Give You Chills

Blackout NYC Covers Adele’s “Hello” A Capella and It’ll Give You Chills

Angela Markus

Adele continues to take the world by storm with her hit list of new singles, but the one that consistently captures is the haunting hit “Hello.” The song encapsulates everything her fans love about Adele: soulful music and perfect pitch!

With the advent of YouTube, we have seen an onslaught of covers hit the Internet. With that comes the good and the bad. But one of the most amazing covers we’ve seen to date is perhaps this version.

The a cappella group Blackout is comprised of 12 singers with diverse and unique backgrounds. The group has been reinventing the genre of a cappella music with their innovative arrangements and a distinct, and a signature sound. Since entering the a cappella scene in 2012, Blackout has grown into a group that is larger than the sum of its parts. Now their cover of the hit song will surely leave you with chills.

Following Adele is a tough act, but this group seems to nail their version with unbelievable talent and a mesmerizing performance. A cappella music seems to be on the uptrend with the great success of groups such as Penatonix. Sounds like we will be hearing more from this group soon.

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