Blow Up Your Balloons Without Any Helium

Blow Up Your Balloons Without Any Helium

Angela Markus

Balloons are the one decoration that seems to show up at every event. I mean, what is festive décor without matching balloons? If you are the lucky one decorating, you know that blowing balloons take time and the wind out of you. You can use a helium machine, or you can use this method that does not require the voice-altering device.

Pinbusters has the best solution. You need baking soda and white vinegar from your kitchen, plus balloons, an empty bottle and two bottle funnels.

She first attaches a balloon to one of the funnels and uses the other funnel to add the vinegar to the bottle. Then she adds baking soda to the half of the balloon attached to the other funnel.

She then attaches the balloon to the bottle and watched the balloon expand, cautiously. This is neat! 

How is this possible, you ask? According to Big Brain Science, the acetic acid in the vinegar reacts with sodium bicarbonate and forms carbonic acid. Carbonic acid is not stable and it decomposes almost immediately into water and carbon dioxide which is what causes an exciting mixture of foams and bubbles. Cool, right?

This may require a lot more than blowing the balloon but it sure is fun!

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