Use This Borax Recipe To Kill Of Ants This Summer

Use This Borax Recipe To Kill Of Ants This Summer

Jamaica Bravo

Ants are some of the most peskiest insects and during the summer, they can become a big problem in your home. As the weather warms up, you’ll be able to find ants around your food and in your garden wreaking havoc on your life.

Most people turn to Raid and other insecticides to get rid of ants, but we just discovered there’s a simpler, less smelly way of getting rid of those pesky insects.

Greg the Gardener, knows all too well how annoying ants can be during the summer. So he advises to avoid calling pest control and turn to Borax, a household stain remover. We thought it sounded crazy too, but just watch as he demonstrates just how versatile the product really is!

Prepare some hot water, grab the honey and sugar, and get started! In a cup, pour in six teaspoons of your sugar and six teaspoons of Borax. Then, add the boiling water and mix it all together. Add honey once the sugar has dissolved — this will give ants all the reason to come have a little taste. Next, let your mixture cool and add it to a spray bottle. Greg recycles an old laundry spray bottle.

Finally, he shows us just how effective his concoction is when he sprays a trail of ants outside of his home. The ants digest the Borax and they immediately die off.

Looks like all it takes for your summer to be ant-free is a few household ingredients and just five minutes. I think we can handle that!

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