Boy Can’t Break His Karate Stick and We Can’t Stop Laughing!

Boy Can’t Break His Karate Stick and We Can’t Stop Laughing!

Angela Markus

In 1984, one of the most memorable films to grace the silver screen made us have faith in the underdog all over again – The Karate Kid. Many kids over many decades have become inspired with the wax on wax off moves. The only aspect of Karate that is somewhat more famous is breaking the board.

For some reason, breaking board seems to come to mind for most when we think of karate, right? We somehow envision a swift breaking of the board. I have always wondered how individuals gain the required strength to enable the average hand to break the formidable, structurally sound, wooden board. Movie characters and martial arts pros make the art of ‘chopping’ look easy-peasy. But one aspiring martial arts enthusiasts learned it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. His miserable attempt to break a tree branch is the most hilarious thing you will see all day.

The young lad is quite relentless. After a super power speech, he tries to break the stick with the chop of a hand but fails, miserably. He tries again and fails again. Poor thing!

After several fails and even more frustration, the young Jet Li could not take it anymore and does what we all might do in this situation. He destroys everything much to the laughter of whoever is recording.

I feel his pain!

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