Boy Challenges a Statue To Dance Off and The Crowd Is Roaring!

Boy Challenges a Statue To Dance Off and The Crowd Is Roaring!

Angela Markus

I always tip my hat off to people who can dance really well. There is just a grace and fluidity to great dancers, no matter what genre they dance to. Even in cases like this, where some people may not be familiar with the type of music, but the dance moves are just so enthralling to watch.

The dance off you are about to see is called a dubstep battle, and it was quite popular several years ago. Break dancing YouTuber “Noster,” Noah Kenaley, is well known for his talent, skill, and his videos on dub stepping moves. Here, he is battling with a statue. Well, a street performer who goes by the name Eclypse. He is a street performer and Millennium Robots member.

The battle took place in a mall and heated up pretty quickly as both happen to be very good at popping. Many gathered in the crowd to see the moves. Both participants take turns breaking it down to the fast-paced music. Their movements are robotic isolations with energy that are off the charts.

Experts will tell you that dubstep dance is actually nothing other than the dance style we know as Popping.  To be technically correct, dancers are popping to the genre of music called Dubstep.  Whatever it is called, this little guy versus the statue is amazing to watch.

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