This 14-Year-Old Boy Delivers An Amazing Whitney Houston Classic

This 14-Year-Old Boy Delivers An Amazing Whitney Houston Classic

Angela Markus

Undoubtedly, Whitney Houston’s voice is unmatched. Rarely do we come across individuals who can emulate her powerful sound,  but 14-year-old Jack Vidgen did just that quite well. His audition for Australia’s Got Talent is so amazing, he wows every audience member and the judges. His performance will leave you with chills.

He may be young and small, but this Australian boy has a real gift that you would never expect by just looking at him. Jack would typically get stage fright every time he would try to sing in public, but after a few years, he garnered enough strength to overcome his shyness.

In the clip, Jack reveals that he sings for his dad, who is suffering from multiple sclerosis, and wants to make him proud. When Jack walks out and reveals he’ll be singing “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston, the judges couldn’t have been more shocked. Kyle Sandilands said, “You are either going to be amazing or dreadful.” Amazing he was!

Seconds later, it was impossible not to get emotional from his perfectly-pitched young voice! As you’ll see, Jack Vidgen’s talent is out of the world and the judges couldn’t be more excited for him. I think we can all agree that this young man is a superstar! You have to love it when someone completely surprises you like this, especially someone this young.

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