Little Boy Can’t Stop Crying Over How Cute This Puppy Is

Little Boy Can’t Stop Crying Over How Cute This Puppy Is

Angela Markus

There are some gifts that bring out profound emotions in anyone regardless of age. Dogs are one such present that seem to have a way of turning just about anyone into mush. A mother captured a delightful clip of the moment a little boy becomes overwhelmed and cries when holding a Chihuahua puppy.

The boy was taken to a pet store and given the puppy to hold. He then immediately bursts into happy tears. The footage shows the boy breaking down and saying “she’s so cute.” When he cries harder, the puppy licks his face as his mother realizes the dog is very fond of him, too!

As he continues to cry, mom asks, “What’s wrong?”. The boy responds tearfully, exclaiming, “She’s just beautiful,” while hugging the dog a little tighter. The video ends with the crying boy stroking the Chihuahua puppy while the dog continually licking his face.

No doubt, this dog is going to get plenty of love and attention once she is taken home with this little guy. Kids who have an opportunity to grow up with caring canines are lucky, they can have no other better friend in this world.

It’s beautiful moments like this that make having a pet so wonderful.

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