Young Boy Makes Gives This Wedding a Memorable Moment

Young Boy Makes Gives This Wedding a Memorable Moment

Angela Markus

We’ve all seen the movies where a person halts a wedding in progress to win back the one they truly love. In reality though, interrupting a wedding—for any reason—is a very delicate situation. From the looks of it, it can be extremely hilarious as well. This wedding ceremony was interrupted not by someone wishing to profess his or her love, but by a young boy who desperately needed to make his way to the bathroom.

The betrothed were leading up to say their “I dos” when a toddler tugged at the groom, Ben Lienert from South Australia, and proclaimed for all to hear, “I need a poo!”

“What just happened?” the bride, Hannah Lienert-Forrest, laughed and cupped her mouth with one hand in pure shock. Then as expected, the entire wedding party erupts in laughter including the officiant. She jokingly said, “That is the definition of being upstaged I reckon.” She enjoyed the funny side of the occurrence before attempting to rekindle the romantic moment. The boy was then quickly whisked away to the bathroom, amid the laughter, by his aunt.

With a sense of humor, the bride uploaded the footage to YouTube with a fitting description. She wrote, “Children and weddings don’t always mix, but they sure know how to make them memorable.”

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