Boyfriend Passes Out 7 Times on Slingshot Ride

Boyfriend Passes Out 7 Times on Slingshot Ride

Angela Markus

Rollercoaster rides can be very scary. I sympathize with those who do not have the stomach for the thrill machines. But then, there are some who embrace the ride with all of their adventurous might only to turn into petrified screamers. I was not sure whether to laugh or feel sorry for this poor soul. His reaction is swooning.

Some say it takes nerves of steel to participate on a slingshot ride. It turns out this particular guy just didn’t have them as he screams and passes out several times on the heart-pumping ride. While it probably isn’t particularly funny for the guy himself, the footage captured on the ride is pretty hilarious.

Initially, we see the couple strap themselves into their seats looking forward towards the thrill. Michael ensures that he is tucked in as the park worker go over the last instructions. Mid-sentence, the ride takes out. As soon as the ride starts, Michael screams pitifully. Although the female does too, one would not be able to tell that those were Michael gut-wrenching screams.

In the midst of Michael screams, he passes out, wakes up, screams again and then passed out again. Remarkably, Michael continues with that routine several times passing out– at least five times! It was hard to tell if she noticed or not, but she makes some mention to Michael’s reaction to the ride.

In the end, he says, “That was fun.” But how does he even remember?

Good job they caught the whole thing on camera because the unlucky fella will only enjoyed half of the ride.

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