Hair Salon Teaches Dads How To Do Their Daughters’ Hair By Offering Beer

Hair Salon Teaches Dads How To Do Their Daughters’ Hair By Offering Beer

Angela Markus

Ladies, have you ever left the grooming up to your husbands and it resulted in a disaster? Gentlemen, how much pressure is it to do your little princess’ hair? We all know the answer to that, but there is one hair salon in Denver that is taking parenting to the next level!

Beers and Braids at a Denver, Colorado hair salon helps dads enhance their skills when doing their daughter’s hair. With the additive of an occasional beer, the night is a fun-filled event for everyone involved.

Dads are invited to an hour-long session where they receive one-on-one tutorials on how to do little girl’s hair. They learn three styles, and later the daughters model the hairdos in a fashion show. The winning dad receives a six-pack of beer. How innovative!




This situation is more than a win-win for everyone involved. The owner of the hair salon admits that the daddy-and-daughter night has been so successful, there is high demand for more nights of tutorials.




The only problem encountered at Beers and Braids night is keeping the little girls entertained long enough for the dads to practice on their heads.

Do you blame them?

You got this, Dad!

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