One of the Bravest Boys Oprah Ever Met Tells His Haunting Story

One of the Bravest Boys Oprah Ever Met Tells His Haunting Story

Jamaica Bravo

In 2006, Oprah claims to have met one of the bravest little boys, and when you hear his story, you’ll understand why. When Anthony Sutko was just eight-years-old, he experienced the unthinkable, a traumatic experience he’ll never forget.

Dispatchers received a 911 call from Anthony begging for help. “Please help me. My daddy killed me with a knife and I’m gone,” he pleaded with authorities. Dispatchers didn’t know just how bad the scene really was. He continued, “I woke up suddenly, uh, my dad he was killing my mom.” Anthony was stabbed six times in the face, neck and stomach. The father left the scene, but as Anthony desperately pleaded for “the ambulance and army men” to hurry, he heard his dad return and lost connection with the dispatcher.

Emergency workers rushed to Anthony’s safety but the address that came up on the dispatcher’s computer did not lead to Anthony. The race was on to save Anthony’s life. Miraculously, police arrived at the scene just in time and found Anthony near death.

Polie Sergeant Mark Eechs remembered looking into his eyes and said he saw a “death look.” Paramedics said they sent out a prayer and rushed the eight-year-old boy to the hospital. Hours later, their prayers were answered.

Today, Oprah invites Anthony onto her show to tell his story of how he remembers it and to acknowledge the heroes who saved his life. Where Anthony is today is astonishing, and even more surprising, is his feelings about his father currently in prison. You won’t believe what he says about him.

This Oprah interview is one to remember…

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