Popular Actress And Talk Show Host Butt Heads Over Breast Feeding

Popular Actress And Talk Show Host Butt Heads Over Breast Feeding

Angela Markus

It seems as though whenever someone mentions breastfeeding, harsh debates ensue on whether a woman should or should not be allowed to breastfeed her baby in public. Recently, Alyssa Milano visited talk show host Wendy Williams, and let’s just say these two will not be exchanging any parenting tips, especially where breastfeeding is concerned.

For years, a debate has simmered between women who breastfeed and women who feed their babies formula from a bottle. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a full year of breastfeeding, and earlier this year the World Health Organization called for at least six months of breastfeeding.

The actress tussled with the TV personality during her appearance, after Williams noted that Milano has stirred up controversy over breastfeeding photos she posted on Instagram. “I was surprised by the reaction and I was surprised that I then was put in this position of being a breastfeeding advocate — which I love, and I take that job with a lot of responsibility,” Milano, a mother of two, explained. “But it was kind of shocking that [people] were so opinionated about something that’s supposed to be so incredibly natural.”

Williams then expressed her opinion on the matter. “I don’t need to see that — I just don’t want to,” Williams said. “I would go to the car [to breastfeed], not on the bench in the front of the big-box store.”

The actress, quite confused by the statement was unable to receive a clear cut answer as to why the host opposed.

What are your thoughts on breastfeeding?

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