Bride Can’t Stop Laughing At Her Groom’s Mix-Up

Bride Can’t Stop Laughing At Her Groom’s Mix-Up

Angela Markus

During a wedding ceremony, nerves usually take a hold of everyone involved, especially the bride and the groom. This moment is typically one that both have been waiting for their enter lives. Who knew that a slip of the tongue by Andrew Engstrom would be so comedic to his wife-to-be, Melissa?

As the guests looked on in delight, the pastor instructed Andrew to “place the ring on Melissa’s hand and repeat after me.” The groom puts the ring on wrong, but that wasn’t the funny part. When Andrew mistakenly stumbles over the word ‘lawfully’ and instead says ‘waffle-y, his bride—who clearly has a sense of humor—could not refrain from bursting out into laughter. Her hysterical reaction went on for several seconds while the pastor waited for her to catch her breath.

The serious ceremony turned into pure comedy even as the pastor tried to regain control of the situation. The hilarious gaffe sends her into a sporadic fit of laughter and the stern-faced pastor stands there looking bemused. Luckily, Andrew saw the funny side of his blunder and added, “pancake-y,” which turns Melissa’s knees to jelly. The bride bursts into a second laughing stupor, which is matched by laughter from the audience. She even turns to the audience and gestures eating a pancake.

These are the most memorable moments of anyone’s life.

Thanks for the laughs, Andrew and Melissa!

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