The Doctors Promised She’d Make It To Her Wedding. What Happens After Left Me In Tears.

The Doctors Promised She’d Make It To Her Wedding. What Happens After Left Me In Tears.

Jamaica Bravo

“My plan was to get married and immediately try to have a baby…with Jimmi.”

That’s what Suzanne Kane had planned for herself. However, in 2011 she was diagnosed with aggressive cervical cancer. The first doctor told her that he had received the pathology report and that there was some cancer there. Her first words were, “Wait, am I going to lose my hair? I’m getting married in four months and I need my hair.”

The next doctor “scared the hell” out of her. Finally she went to Sloan where Dr. Mario M. Leitao was Suzanne’s surgeon. He first saw her in May and her wedding was in September. Her specific type of cancer was small cell carcinoma of the cervix which is very rare. Also, the five year survivor numbers are very low. She also wanted to have a child with Jimmi. Dr. Leitao wanted to do everything in his power to make those things happen for Suzanne, but at the same time he worried about her being around for the child.

When Dr. Leitao told Suzanne about her cancer, he said, “Don’t Google it.” Suzanne normally doesn’t listen, but she did this time and did not Google the type of cancer.

Suzanne had a unique procedure that is only done in a few institutions in the world. It’s for women with a certain type of cervical cancer. Rather than removing the entire uterus, the surgeon just removes the cervix itself. Suzanne had a hysterectomy with the removal of the fallopian tubes. The doctors assured her that they would work around her wedding and they would also allow her to harvest her eggs. Suzanne told the doctors that she only had one chance so they had better get a lot of eggs.

Jimmi gave up touring and playing the drums during the treatment. He drove her to chemo and radiation treatment appointments. Suzanne continually reminded Jimmi that he could still get out…like the “lemon law.” Jimmi said that he never thought about leaving because “you are supposed to take care of the person you love.”

Suzanne made it to her wedding and her first post-treatment scan that following November was clear. It was a huge relief and she decided to start planning for a baby. She had to trust someone to carry her baby and to grow the baby inside them.

Aria Eileen Kane was born on May 16, 2014.

Suzanne has beaten all the odds. Her story is incredible.

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