British Couple’s First Wedding Dance Is The New Standard for Epic

British Couple’s First Wedding Dance Is The New Standard for Epic

Angela Markus

The stakes for the best wedding dance are incredibly high. Creativity, choreography and energy are essential factors for the crown. This couple exceeded that and then some.

British newlyweds Hollie and Dave Smith decided to make sure their first dance as a married couple was one to remember. Instead of doing the traditional romantic slow dance, they decided to choreograph a six-minute routine, complete with some epic dance moves.

There was some R. Kelly, a bit of Sir Mix-a-lot, a Bruno Mars hit, Sasha Fierce, and Justin Timberlake. It’s enough to make even the most lavish wedding seem totally inadequate.

The couple starts off with what we all expect of a first dance. When the music comes to screeching halt, the couple from Leicester give each other a high five and pulled out all the stops. Their funky routine – in full wedding attire – is unmatched.

The groom and groomsmen kill it with Beyonce’s Put A Ring On It. Likewise, the bride and her bridal party cranked up to Soulja Boy Crank That.

The video goes viral accumulating almost half of a million views in a couple of the days. The bride admitted to having everyone perform was ultimately her idea. She even choreographed the dance along with Dave’s best man’s fiancée, who is a dancer. We could have guessed that!

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