Older Brother Is Brought To Tears When Describing His Sister

Older Brother Is Brought To Tears When Describing His Sister

Angela Markus

Older brothers are like sugary, yet bitter candy that you can’t get enough of. Even though they sometimes make you crazy, you can’t seem to do without them. If you are Lindsey Cochran, you do not have to worry about the fights or teasing that big brothers come with, because her big brother is extraordinary. Meet Trenton and Lindsay Cochran: best friends and siblings.

10 year old Lindsay was born with a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which forced her to use a wheelchair since she was 2 years old. Her brother Trenton, 12, is unlike any big brother you know. His approach with his younger sister is heart tugging and emotional.

Lindsay isn’t just a younger sister to Trenton, she is his absolute best friend in the world. Trenton is very protective of his sister. He says that when people stare at her as they are walking by he’d like to just say “Normal person here, human being.” Trenton admits that his life would probably be very different if his sister didn’t have her disorder, but he also states that if she has some difficulty doing something he wants to do everything he can to help her.

Lindsay says, “It’s just easier for me to go through life with a big brother like Trenton.” Trenton says that having a sister with a disability helps him with his maturity level. He sees that the support he offers to his sister can also be offered to others without disabilities.

Trenton even runs in an annual 5K to raise money to help find a cure for Lindsay’s disease. The best part of this story is when Trenton tries to explain what his sister means to him. “She’s like one of the center priorities of my life. I would take a bullet for her.” At this point in the interview, Trenton becomes so overwhelmed with emotion brings him to tears.

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