Three Brothers Receive The Christmas Surprise of a Lifetime!

Three Brothers Receive The Christmas Surprise of a Lifetime!

Jamaica Bravo

This mom from Indiana came up with the neatest way to surprise her kids with their joint Christmas present! They came downstairs on Christmas Eve, still in their jammies to Mom filming them. Mom and Dad direct them to answer the door, where a wrapped present sits on the welcome mat. One of the boys carries it inside and quickly reads the note on top of it.

Then, all three boys help open the box, curiously, to find their present inside. And what is it? As one boy predicts, it’s a precious new pet puppy!

Though all of the boys are thrilled with their gift, one can’t control his overwhelming reaction. He is so excited, he can’t handle it, and begins sobbing hysterically. While the other two scream “Oh My God!” in excitement, this little one melts into a puddle on the floor and sobs his own “Oh My God” exclamations into his hands.

And even when the other boys put the puppy in his arms, he still can’t help his overwhelming tears of joy. He has wanted a dog for so long and now he has one and he simply can’t contain himself! We can tell this is one child who will always love his pet. The way he hugs and cuddles the tiny Yorkie puppy makes this abundantly clear.

What a great way to keep the magical spirit of Christmas going, by surprising your kids with something they always wanted! Santa was so kind to drop this early present off at their door! Wink, wink.

Way to go, Mom and Dad! These brothers will be talking about this Christmas forever.

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