You Can Achieve a Complete Look Using Just Brown Lipstick!

You Can Achieve a Complete Look Using Just Brown Lipstick!

Angela Markus

There is nothing better than a beauty tip that will ease our makeup regimen.

You might not think that dabbing brown lipstick in particular parts of your face will result in such excellence, but it does!

After this model applies BB cream as a base makeup, mascara, and eyebrow powder, she uses brown lipstick to create the best look ever.

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First, contour by applying the brown lipstick to your face. Contouring gives shape to an area of the face and enhances your facial structure. Apply to the sides of your nose, right under your cheekbones, along your hairline, under your bottom lip, and on your jawline. With a beauty blender sponge, blend it all in.

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Next, apply brown lipstick to eyes. Although this might sound crazy, it really does work. Apply the lipstick over your eyes right below your brow. Then use your fingers to blend it in a bit.

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You will need a tapered eyeliner brush for the next step. Line your upper and lower lash lines with the brown lipstick. The effect of the eyeliner brush will increase the effect of the look on your lids. It will look noticeably darker on your lash line than on your lids.

Final step: put the lipstick on your lips! Apply multiple coats of the gorgeous shade and blot with paper.

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Amazing right?

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