Doctors Warn Of Potentiall Deadly Form Of Nail Cancer

Doctors Warn Of Potentiall Deadly Form Of Nail Cancer

Angela Markus

The body is a magnificent machine. When things go awry, it generally tends to let us know. It will not just shut down. Instead, it sends us little signals (think of them as gentle biological taps on the shoulder) letting us know that something is amiss. If you see small markings and white spots on our fingernails nails, you might be inclined to think that it is just a vitamin deficiencies or even thyroid issues. But noticeable changes to the area under our nails can indicate something much more severe.

For years, Julie, an African American woman, has had a light brown line across one of her finger nails. Then the streak eventually got broader and grew darker in the middle. That alerted Julie to seek out a professional. Julie was diagnosed with nail cancer, and her nail had to be removed completely.

Nail specialist Dr. Dana Stern told CBS News, “Just like you have moles on your skin you can have a mole on your nail matrix which is where the nail grows from.” According to news giants, the most common nails to be affected are the thumb, big toe, and index finger nail.

You should be on the lookout for a very dark stripe or streak, blurred borders of the streak, changes in the stripe that’s been there, and pay attention to your medical history.

With every illness, early detection is always essential to the treatment. While most nail discolorations are not opportunities for worry, paying a visit to your doctor will not hurt.

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