Adorable Bulldog Meets Curious Cows

Bulldog Meets Cows

Adorable Bulldog Meets Curious Cows

Bethany Burrows

Dogs are creatures that seem to get along with all other animals. Whether they’re cuddling with cats, herding ducks or playing tag with a deer, the curious pups are always ready to play.

Manfred the Swedish bulldog has always been a inquisitive fellow and that’s usually what gets him in trouble!

While out on their morning stroll, Manfred and his owner Stefan came across some cows hanging out by their fence. Manfred immediately got down on his belly to say hello and surprisingly, the cows said hello back! The huge creatures seemed just as curious about Manfred as he was about them!

Manfred got his fill of cow kisses that day and you better believe he’ll be back for more!

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