This Happy Bulldog Sliding in the Snow Will Make You Smile

This Happy Bulldog Sliding in the Snow Will Make You Smile

Angela Markus

Many dogs love snow the same way little children do—it’s just so much fun to play in. Snow provides our furry little friends with a new experience, a new material to interact with, and this French Bulldog is making the most of that.

While it is common to see dogs with thick fur playing in the snow, it is not uncommon for breeds without that thick layer to enjoy the festive playgrounds. The same gratitude dogs get from hiding away a bone is the same type of joy they get from enjoying snow. This bulldog is about to have the slide of his life.

He first surveys his surroundings…when the time is right, he takes off and slides. There are some people who hate wintertime and all that snow. Then there are those of us who, given a chance, would love to hurl ourselves headlong into the snow and slide away forever, much like this little guy!

His pure enjoyment makes you want to appreciate the smaller things in life a little more. With the possibility of a big snowstorm heading our way, get out there and enjoy mother nature!

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