Her Response To High School Bullies Is Something Everyone Should See

Her Response To High School Bullies Is Something Everyone Should See

Angela Markus

For as long as there has been high school, there has been bullying. However, when the Internet took front and center stage, the effects of bullying has been magnified. Cyber bullying has unfortunately caused many teens to rethink their self-image, even resorting to committing suicide. One teen has a profound message that will cause victims of bullying to redefine their self-image.

Lauren Brocious is a 17-year-old student at Millbrook High School in Winchester, Virginia. She is also the victim of online bullying, and decided to hit back in a big way. Lauren realized that she could turn those hurtful words around and transform them into something positive.

In the inspirational short, simply titled “#labels”, the lovely teen begins drawing offensive words and phrases all over her face. Lauren scribes “fat,” “ugly,” “stupid,” and “loser,” as she narrates her message. “We start defining ourselves by other people’s words instead of our own.” she says.

She continues, “Eventually those words tear us down until we can’t take it anymore. But what if instead, we started wiping away those labels that people gave us?” With the impactful question, the teen begins to wipe away the offending terms until the words have all vanished. Then we see her magnificent smile.

With a blue pencil, Lauren then starts writing positive terms across her face and chest. “When we start to love ourselves, the negative words that people will say about us will become irrelevant,” she says.

This message is a powerful one for people of all ages.

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