This Video of a Bunny Taking a Bath Will Be The Cutest Thing You See All Day!

This Video of a Bunny Taking a Bath Will Be The Cutest Thing You See All Day!

Erika Carter

If you’ve never seen a bunny taking a bath before, then get ready for the cutest thing you’ll ever see! Meet Cloody, a very cute (and very large might I add) black and white bunny.

In this video, Cloody’s owner is treating Cloody to one of his favorite things ever — a bath. You can see Cloody posted up in the sink, completely relaxed, lounging on his back. As the water from the faucet gently pours over his belly Cloody practically falls asleep, that’s how relaxed he is.

At one point the camera zooms in on his face and you can tell by his somnolent eyes just how tranquil Cloody really is. Quite the opposite of some other animal videos we’ve share before, like this feisty husky!

When it’s time for his owner to wash his back, he turns over willingly enough, but seems less thrilled with the water pouring over his back and ears than he was with it raining down on his tummy. His keeper suds him up and then pours the warm water over his back, then lifts his ears – after each gentle dousing, Cloody shakes his head in displeasure.

Eventually Cloody gets to lounge on his back again while his owner finishes up his bath. You can tell how much love is shared between Cloody and her — he seems to adore her as much as she does him!

Watching Cloody take a bath is enough to make anyone want a cute bunny for their own!

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