Their Guard Dog Scares Off A Burglar And Becomes A Hero!


Their Guard Dog Scares Off A Burglar And Becomes A Hero!

Erika Carter

Everyone is always a little scared that they might get robbed at some point, which is why a lot of people have guard dogs. Did you know that one third of prisoners reported that the best defense against theft is a dog? Well if you don’t believe that, you probably are about to change your mind.

It all starts out on a seemingly innocent sunny day. All of a sudden a masked man in a purple shirt walks through a small yard on the side of a house. He ends up walking through the yard to a dark grassy area where he stops and puts his hands behind his back.

He looks around to see if anyone is there or if anyone can see him. He then proceeds to an area where he is blocked from a camera, and disappears for a minute. BAM! All of a sudden he starts running across the yard. What is going on you may ask? We still don’t know because the man has panicked and runs to the fence to hop over.

All of a sudden something appears. What is it? It is a small dog barking ferociously at the burglar. The man attempts to climb over the fence while the dog yaps at him. The burglar eventually makes it over the fence, yet the dog remains at the fence barking and yelling at the burglar. We see the burglar in the background attempting to hop over another fence to escape.  The dog happily marches along side the fence into a blocked area, as it knows that it chased away an unknown stranger. Little did the dog know that it just saved its owners from being robbed by a burglar.

As seen above, dogs can be just as good as alarm systems for keeping burglars out of the house. A dog is efficient, and probably a lot less on the wallet.

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