Mother Honors Deceased Daughter in Her Wedding Photos

Mother Honors Deceased Daughter in Her Wedding Photos

Angela Markus

Any parent who has lost a child will tell you that there is nothing comparable. A Louisiana bride who lost her 6-year-old child to cancer a couple of years ago has “shared her daughter with the world” in pictures of her wedding ceremony.

Photographer Ashley Frantz told the local news that she inserted images of her friend Amanda Crowe Free’s late daughter, Azalee, into photos of the wedding at the mom’s request. The pictures show Free appearing to kiss and hold hands with a translucent Azalee.

Frantz and Free became great friends through a mutual friend after Azalee was diagnosed and underwent treatment at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Frantz supported Free on her wedding day by taking the photos at no cost.

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“Azalee’s memory gets to stay alive, and her mom heels through that,” Frantz said. “It’s soothing to her soul that she gets to share her daughter with the world even though she lost her two years ago.” Azalee died in November 2013 of Neuroblastoma.

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According to, Neuroblastoma is a rare disease in which a solid tumor (a lump or mass caused by uncontrolled or abnormal cell growth) is formed by special nerve cells called neuroblasts. Normally, these immature cells grow and mature into functioning nerve cells. But in neuroblastoma, they become cancer cells instead.

Courier Mail reports that Free and her husband released monarch butterflies in honor of Azalee. But one butterfly did not go far, it landed on her wedding dress.

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“When the butterfly landed on Amanda’s chest near her heart, it was like electricity shot through my body,” Frantz recalls. “It was so powerful and in that moment we knew it was Azalee and God showing us they were there.”

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