I Thought This Was Just A Typical Sandwich. But When She Bites Into It – MIND BLOWN!

I Thought This Was Just A Typical Sandwich. But When She Bites Into It – MIND BLOWN!

Ashley Rego

Did you look at that picture of the overstuffed subway sandwich, mouth watering, wishing you had one of your own? So did I…at first.

But then I looked a little bit closer. The bread looks a bit too shiny, the turkey a bit too perfectly sliced, and those cucumbers – I’ve never seen cucumbers THAT green! This is when I realized something was a bit off about this tasty looking sub. 

Maybe that’s because it’s not actually a sub at all! Nope, that exploding sandwich-looking thing is in fact, a cake!

Handcrafted by cake artist Debbie of San Francisco-based bakery Debbie Does Cakes, these cakes look like anything BUT cakes! I’m completely amazed.

Take a look at some of her other FANTASTIC work below:


An almost ripened pineapple…or a waiting-to-be devoured cake?


A classic all-American breakfast, or an oddly shaped after-dinner treat?


The perfect Parisian snack, or a scrumptious dessert?

And did I mention Debbie doesn’t limit her cake designs to just other food items. Take these for example:


A phone booth holding a very tasty message!


Or this tool box, that contains SO much more than just tools!


And I’m gonna go ahead and say this bottle of champagne is a lot sweeter than you’d expect!

Whether it look like a greasy slab of bacon, a phone pulled straight out of the 80s, or a much needed glass of alcohol, in the end I just wish I could bite into a slice of one of these cakes for myself! Judging by Debbie’s incredible success, I can only imagine they taste just as good as they look!

(images taken from http://www.debbiedoescakes.net)

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