These Camping Hacks Will Change Your Life!

These Camping Hacks Will Change Your Life!

Angela Markus

Camping with the family during summer vacation is one of my favorite pastimes. The hiking, grilling, and roughing-it-out make for some of the best stories. But there plenty of things I hate about camping. Thanks to Diply, our next camping trip will be a breeze with these camping lifehacks. All four are simple and may even save you money!

If fumbling with zippers poses a hassle to you, simply attach an O-shaped key ring to the ends of the zippers to make them easier to grab! This can be used on tent, sleeping bags, or anything else you may want to use it on (such as backpacks).

Instead of buying commercial bug spray and putting up with the pungent smell, slice open a lemon and use the fresh lemon juice instead. Rub the fresh lemon juice onto your skin to keep away pesky bugs.

Dropping a slippery bar of soap is a big pet peeve for many people. Instead of having to bend down repeatedly to pick it up, simply slice off a few flakes and use those to scrub down and get clean.

No need to invest in a pricey drying rack; loop a belt around a tree, hang some S-hooks from it, and hang your cookware up to dry!

These four tips should save time and money, and spare some annoyance. Hopefully, unlike in the video, your camping trip is voluntary.

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