Lifeguard Is About To Make A Rescue- Can You Spot The Victim In Distress?

Lifeguard Is About To Make A Rescue- Can You Spot The Victim In Distress?

Jamaica Bravo

It’s a hot summer day and everyone and their cousin is hanging out at the community pool. It seems like an ordinary weekend, but amongst the large crowd is a young victim in distress.

What you’re about to see, well hardly see, proves just how crucial a lifeguard’s job really is. It takes only seconds for a swimmer to go under water and only minutes for them to go unconscious. The person is usually unable to shout out for help so an untrained eye can easily miss the disaster. It is said that drowning is one of the leading causes of deaths amongst children under 12, and thanks to a well-trained lifeguard, this young boy did not contribute to that statistic.

It looks as though there is nearly 80 people swimming in the wavepool. With so many bright suits and plastic toys, your eyes won’t be able to focus on one specific thing. But 15 seconds into the video the lifeguard blows her whistle, jumps into the busy pool, and quickly swims to a distressed swimmer in the middle of the pool — a victim you never even noticed was there.

Watch it again. You’ll see that it’s nearly impossible to notice that this distressed swimmer needs help amongst the rest of the swimmers. Can you imagine if the lifeguard wasn’t there?

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