Dazzle Your Nails This Halloween With This Candy Corn Nail Art

Dazzle Your Nails This Halloween With This Candy Corn Nail Art

Angela Markus

Consumer spending may be down, money may be tight and monthly budgets strict, but one thing the ladies aren’t taking out of their beauty regimen is a manicure. Nail art is really for every woman. It’s like the new lipstick. Everyone is using their nails as their accessory. Here we have the perfect design for you. It is both bold and perfectly timed—Candy corn nails.

To perfect this SofiaStyled design at home, you will need orange, white, yellow and glitter nail polish. You will also need a top coat, beauty applicators and scissors.

First, she cuts one of the applicators to match the width of her thumb. The smaller piece she uses for her fingers. Next, she paint two layers of white nail polish on each nail and allow them to dry.

She then takes the applicator and paints on the colors of the candy corn. At the top, she paints the white, then the orange, and then the yellow. She uses the applicator to press on the design to your nail. To get a very vibrant look, Sofia pressed the applicator a total of three times on her nails.

She then cleans the sides of her nails and finishes off the look with a coat of glitter (which is optional), and a coat of Insta-dri top coat.

Perfect for the Halloween season.

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