They Walk Into a Movie Theater Filled With Bikes As Part of a Carlsberg Commercial

They Walk Into a Movie Theater Filled With Bikes As Part of a Carlsberg Commercial

Kendall Conners

What would you do if you walked into a movie theater and it was filled to the brim with bikers. Would you take the only two remaining seats, situated in the very middle of the theater or would you turn around and leave?

Most people would probably say that they would sit down, but thinking about it and actually being in that theater, surrounded by such a large crowd of tattooed men wearing leather, looking menacing, might be more than some of us would be able to handle.

This video shows many couples entering the theater. “This isn’t what I paid for,” says one man as he and his girlfriend walk out. Some other couples just shake their head and leave.

One woman attempts to sit down before her partner drags her out of the theater. Two girls consider it, but decide to just walk away instead. If only they knew what they were going to be missing.

In the end, a few brave couples are shown taking a chance and make their way over to those empty seats. This video is actually a very clever advertisement for a German pilsner beer named Carlsberg. The theater was staged for the filming of the commercial and these couples that were entering were unknowingly being filmed as part of the ad.

When those few couples that decided to stay sat down, the theater dimmed. Then a spotlight was turned on them and the crowd cheered. The bikers sitting next to them popped the top on a couple of Carlsberg beers and handed them over to the couples, who are then filmed enjoying their beer as they are let in on the secret. It just goes to show that you should never judge a book by it’s cover or a theater by the members of it’s audience.

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