A Family Fishing Trip Turns Into A Carp Attack!

A Family Fishing Trip Turns Into A Carp Attack!

Jamaica Bravo

It’s not everyday you encounter something as epic as this family did one morning during a fishing trip. The sun was out, the breeze was cool and what seemed like a perfect Carpé-Diem kind of day, turned into a Carp-attack day to remember!

Dad managed the motor at the back of the boat while his boys sat upfront admiring the view. But it was as if they disturbed the peace below, because within minutes on the lake, out flies a carp fish. “Whoa, here they come!” Dad shouts as his boys duck for cover — and boy was he right! It didn’t take long for the rest of the fish below to get riled up and join in on the fun. Before they knew it, dozens of carp fish eagerly flung their bodies through the air and over their boat. This family found themselves smack-dab in the middle of a fish attack!

Despite the fact that it looks like a fishing trip from your nightmares, this family looked like they were having the time of their lives! Even the youngest boy who was hiding the entire time was giggling and smiling beneath the chaos.

Not only did this family manage to effortlessly bring home a few fish for dinner, they had a great story to go along with it too.

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