Watch As This Man Turns a Carrot Into a Clarinet!

Watch As This Man Turns a Carrot Into a Clarinet!

Erika Carter

Vegetable musician Linsey Pollak has a unique talent. He can create, and play, a clarinet made out of a carrot.

Want to make a musical veggie of your own? Watch as he turns an ordinary carrot into a musical instrument! He takes the carrot, cuts off both ends and drills a hole vertically through the center of its length.

He then drills small holes through the side of the carrot, stopping when he reaches the center hole. After drilling from one end to the other he drills one more hole on the other side of the carrot towards the bottom, where his thumb will go to reach higher octaves.

Then, Pollak takes a potato peeler and shaves along the drilled holes. Once that is complete he sticks a mouthpiece and end piece on either opening, and begins to play a wonderful carrot clarinet tune!

Without a video you would have never been able to tell that the jazzy tune was not coming from a regular clarinet. It certainly made my puppy stare and perk her ears when she heard it!

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