This Unlikely Friendship Between a Cat and a Dog Will Melt Your Heart

This Unlikely Friendship Between a Cat and a Dog Will Melt Your Heart

Jamaica Bravo

Best friends tend to be similar. They usually talk about the same things and enjoy the same activities. But here’s one friendship that contradicts the norm. Meet ginger kitten, Koda. She was rescued at a young age and brought into the home of Golden Retriever, Keelo. Owners were timid at first, considering Koda was so tiny and Keelo was so large, but they were surprised to see them get along. They became instant friends. It didn’t take long before the two of them became inseparable.

Owners thought their unlikely friendship was so cute, they had to capture it all on film and show it to the world. Thank goodness for that because in only 8 months, these two buddies prove that best friends don’t have to be similar.

Just like most people who love each other, these two friends play fight with one another, wrestle, and rough-play. It’s clear that Keelo can harm Koda at any given moment, but never once does he hurt the fragile kitty.

But their friendship goes beyond playful fighting. These two also cuddle and eat from the same bowl. (You know that’s love when you’re able to share food with another person!)

If there’s one thing we can learn from these two unlikely friends, it’s that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes!

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