Cat Patiently Lets Parrot Groom His Eyelids. How Cute!

Cat Patiently Lets Parrot Groom His Eyelids. How Cute!

Angela Markus

Since the dawn of the Internet, many of us have seen the adorable but unlikely friendships of animals of different species. We’ve seen everywhere from a chicken and a Chihuahua, a dog and a squirrel, even a goat and a dog, but you probably have not seen this type of friendship before.

Animals can form bonds across species boundaries if the need for social contact pre-empts their normal biological imperatives. A cat raised with dogs doesn’t know it’s a cat, the logic goes. That might explain the bond between these two. One is small, the other is small too but larger than the first,  together they are delightful.

Humans know how to massage each other, primates also groom primates, but this parrot does the most unlikely—he helps out his feline friend by cleaning his eyelids. Nothing says friendship like a spa treatment, especially between friends.

Check out this unlikely pair, a parrot that insists on cleaning around the cat’s eyes – much to the feline’s dismay, most of the time. Although it looks like the cat is actually enjoying the grooming, he probably doesn’t want to admit it. This parrot is quite the helper.

The cat is also very tolerant of his pesky minute housemate. He allows the parrot to proceed for a couple of seconds then subtly reminds him to stop!

This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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