Reduce Your Risk of Dementia With a Glass of Bubbly

Reduce Your Risk of Dementia With a Glass of Bubbly

Angela Markus

Here is another exciting reason to enjoy a glass of bubbly. Research has suggested drinking one to three glasses of champagne a day can help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, according to Reading University. Apparently, a compound found in the black grapes used to make a bottle of your favorite champs is said to prevent the onset of the brain diseases.

“These exciting results illustrate for the first time that the moderate consumption of champagne has the potential to influence cognitive functioning, such as memory,” Professor Jeremy Spencer said in a press release. The research, which was based on an experiment involving rats, was published by the University, and they now hope to carry out the experiment on people.

We’re a long way from having doctors prescribe a glass of bubbly a day to keep Alzheimer’s away, although the university has told The MailOnline that it is trying to track down the professor involved to see what progress he has made on human trials. In the meantime, there are some tried and tested measures you can take to help cut your dementia risk. Sadly, they involve putting away the corkscrew rather than reaching for it.

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Playing online games to exercise reasoning and memory skills could have major benefits for older people, a wide-scale study by King’s College London has found. Regular exercise and Vitamin E have been found helpful in slowing down the risk of dementia as well.

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Bottoms up!

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