Impress Your Party Guests With This Champagne Trick

Impress Your Party Guests With This Champagne Trick

Angela Markus

What would a New Year’s celebration be without a bottle of champagne? Not much I gather. As you plan for the festive night, it is important not to be one of the hosts who break that expensive bottle while trying to impress your guests. Instead, do it like a professional with the help of this tutorial!

As much as you might insist, sabering a champagne bottle doesn’t really require a sword. A long chef’s knife will do, and from the looks of things, a spoon works just as well. While sabrage doesn’t make your bubbly taste better or pour smoother, it sure is a fun way to kick off your night!

According to, sabrage is considered the greatest legend in the history of Champagne. Legend has it Napoleon Bonaparte’s infamous cavalry, the Hussards, began the technique of beheading a bottle of Champagne with a saber or sword after Madame Clicquot quest to entertained Napoleon’s officers. The young men would take out their sabers to behead the bottles to impress the young widow.

In order to keep up with the tradition and thrill your guests, you will first want to remove the foil and cage around the cork of your bottle of bubbly and hold it near the bottom at a 45-degree angle. Locate the seam of the bottle and in a swift motion, slide the knife, spoon or sword along the neck of the bottle.

You might want to practice a few times before the big night.

Happy New Years!

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